Pellets (fuel granules)


The alternative solid fuel boilers are environmentally-safe. Therefore we offer pellets – the biofuel from wood waste.

The advantages of pellets:
  • they are financially cost-effective;
  • they have a good efficiency coefficient, while having a low ash content;
  • they are the pollution-free fuel;
  • they have high thermal properties.
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These are the laboratory quality indicators of our pellets:
Indicator name Normative documents Indicator values
Total moisture content, Wrt, % EN 14774-1:2009 8,7
Ash content, Ad, % EN 14775:2009 0,8
Total sulphur, Std, % EN 15289:2011 0,02
Volatile yield, Vdaf, % EN 15148:2009 85,5
Lower heating value, Qlr, ккал/кг
Higher heating value, Qsdaf, ккал/кг
EN 14918:2009 5039
Bulk density, кг/м3 EN 15103:2009 624
Mechanical strength, % EN 15210-1:2009 96,1
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